Lowndes, Vivien [Επιμελητής]. Theory and methods in political science

Έργο (αυτοτελές έργο)
Lowndes, Vivien | Marsh, David | Stoker, Gerry
  • Summary: Now with substantial extra coverage of methodological issues and an additional chapter on the philosophy of politics, this widely-used text introduces students to the approaches and methods of political science. ⟶ LC
  • Contents: Introduction; Vivien Lowndes, David Marsh and Gerry Stoker.- PART I: THEORY AND APPROACHES 1. Behavouralism; David Sanders.- 2. Rational Choice; Andrew Hindmoor and Brad Taylor.- 3. Institutionalism; Vivien Lowndes.- 4. Constructivism and Interpretive Theory; Craig Parsons.- 5. Feminist and Gender Approaches; Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay.- 6. Marxism: A global perspective; Ray Kiely.- 7. Poststructuralism; Mark Wenman.- 8. Political Psychology; Frank Mols and Paul 't Hart.- 9. Normative Theory; Chris Armstrong.- PART II: METHODS AND RESEARCH DESIGN 10. Ontology and Epistemology in Political Science; David Marsh, Selen A. Ercan and Paul Furlong.- 11. Meta-Theoretical Issues in Political Analysis; David Marsh.- 12. Research Design; Dimiter Toshkov.- 13. Qualitative Methods; Ariadne Vromen.- 14. Quantitative Methods; Peter John.- 15. Comparative Methods; Matt Ryan.- 16. The Experimental Method: Prospects for field and laboratory studies; Helen Margetts and Gerry Stoker.- 17. Big Data: Methods for collection and analysis; Michael J. Jensen.- 18. The Relevance of Political Science; B. Guy Peters, Jon Pierre and Gerry Stoker. ⟶ British Library