International Labour Organization. A fair globalization : creating opportunities for all

  1. Έργο (αυτοτελές έργο)
    1. International Labour Organization (Διεθνής οργάνωση)
  2. Αγγλική
    1. Παγκοσμιοποίηση
    2. Οικονομικές απόψεις
  3. Using worldwide expertise, examines the various facets of globalization, the diversity of public perceptions of the process, and its implications for economic and social progress. Proposes a series of coordinated measures across a broad front to improve governance and accountability at both national and international levels. These include fairer rules for international trade, investment, finance and migration, which take account of all interests, rights and responsibilities; measures to promote core labour standards and a minimum level of social protection in the global economy; and new efforts to mobilize international resources to raise capabilities and meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Maps out the priorities for national, local and regional policies which can empower people to participate effectively in the opportunities of globalization.
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