Matlab 6 for engineers

  1. Έργο (αυτοτελές έργο)
    1. Biran, Adrian
    2. Breiner, Moshe
  2. 2002
  3. Αγγλική
    1. Μηχανική -- Μαθηματικά
    2. (MATLAB)
    3. Μαθηματικά για μηχανικούς
    4. Πληροφορική
  4. As the features of MATLAB are becoming more advanced, the literature more confusing and the package harder to navigate, this new text will aim to simplify use of MATLAB 6 by walking the user through the main functions, facilities and applications. It will cover some of the new features, but won't cover any of the advanced features in-depth. Like the previous edition, it will be specifically geared towards the needs of engineering students who are expected to use MATLAB to model and solve real engineering problems.
    1. ISBN-13: 978-0130336316, ISBN-10: 0130336319